2018 Huntington Towpath Century Ride

The Huntington Towpath Century Ride is on June 9 and 10, 2018, so advance training and preparation are suggested for an enjoyable experience.  There are a lot of ways to get ready for the ride, and you can decide which works best for you.   The best winter training is something that builds your cardiovascular system and gives your legs a good workout.   Some options are:  a stationary cycle at your home, a spin class at the gym, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, running, hiking (especially on hilly terrain), ice skating, and roller skating.

Once spring begins, your best option is to get back on your bicycle.  Training on your bicycle truly is the best way to get ready for the ride, and cycle companies make clothing to keep riders comfortable in temperatures down to about 30 degrees so it’s easy to get back on your bike once the snow melts.

Training for a Century Ride:

Training is important whether you’re a century ride veteran or a first-time rider.  The following are a few great training tips we’ve collected to help make the Huntington Towpath Century Ride enjoyable.

First, make sure you give yourself enough time to get ready.  The time each person will need to get ready varies by person but there are a few good training programs available on-line.  Below is an example of a 10 week program for first-time riders.


Century Ride 10-Week Training Plan


Length of Long Ride

Total Miles/Week







































Century Ride



Cyclists should try to ride between four and six days per week, aiming for the Total Mile/Week referenced in the chart.  The long ride in the middle column is a single ride during the week that is longer than all of the others.  For example, if you decide to train Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday you’ll do a 25 mile ride one day that week, then split the remaining 30 miles between the remaining three days (which amounts to roughly 10 miles a day).




What type of bike works best for the Towpath Century Ride and what other equipment will I need?

The Huntington Towpath Trail Century Ride is primarily on the Towpath Trail, so your best bet is to use either a mountain or hybrid bicycle. Due to the surface of the Towpath Trail, flatter tires offer better traction on the trail surface.

All cyclists are required to wear helmets, for their safety.  If this is your first century ride, also know that you’ll want biking gloves, a pair of bike shorts and a comfortable bike seat. While we provide bicycle SAG support, including general repairs and numerous snack and water stops, we recommend that you carry a couple bottles of water and some snacks for the trail.  If you raise $1,000 by March 31 you won't need to worry about a jersey, though, because you will receive a custom jersey to wear on the ride!

Bicycle Riding Tips:

Stay hydrated.  During early June the temperature is often quite comfortable to ride in.  However, you are still sweating during the ride and need to be sure to drink plenty of fluids.

Ride at your own pace.  Develop a comfortable riding pace that works for you so that you are able to enjoy the beauty of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail and the camaraderie of your fellow riders.

Stay loose and relaxed.  Move your hands and don’t grab the handlebars like they might run off without you.  Keep your shoulders and neck loose with your elbows slightly bent.  This will help keep your muscles from seizing up from spending the day on your bike and make the ride more enjoyable.

Stay fueled while you ride.  Cycling burns a lot of calories, so make sure you eat breakfast and have plenty of snacks during the ride.  Most cyclists recommend eating at least 200 calories per hour during a century ride and not to skip breakfast or lunch.  It is also important to eat consistently over the ride to keep your energy up.  Don’t feel bad about eating during a ride—since a century ride is all about endurance, you’ll burn every calorie you eat.

Know where you are.  A 101-mile ride, no matter how clearly marked, has opportunities to get disoriented.  Stay aware of your surroundings and don’t assume the people you’re riding with know the course.  Make sure you have your route directions and watch for the road signs on the Huntington Towpath Century Ride.

Be aware.  Other people will be using the Towpath Trail the day of the Century Ride, and cyclists will be sharing the road with cars whenever they are on parts of the ride on roadways.  Please observe all trail and roadway regulations.

Ride with a friend. The Huntington Towpath Century Ride is a good place to meet new friends, or ride with old ones.  Pedal with a friend and it will make the ride a lot more fun!


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